Main aims

Our main aims at are

  • To support all carers…
    professionals – including social workers, teachers, psychiatrists, community and mental health nurses – working together with family carers building constructive conversations towards best possible all-round 24-hour care and support for vulnerable individuals whose condition or illness involves ‘challenging’ behaviour.
  • To ease the isolation felt by many family carers
  • To publish regular articles related to developing constructive communication within family groups and professional teams; and professionals and families working together to create more effective care.
  • To offer stimulating and thought-provoking articles by invited guest writers.
  • To offer an interactive discussion forum to explore the pleasures, pitfalls and pains of communication in difficult situations.
  • To offer training materials for use in developing constructive professional/family presentations.
  • By raising funds from donations and membership fees, also aims to support trust funds to allow carers – both family and professional – to attend relevant meetings, conferences and training courses where they would otherwise be financially unable to do so.

Key Points
As long as this website is credited as the source and with the creative copyright, we who created – see ‘About us’ on the Start page – would be delighted that material on this site is being quoted and used, copied and shared.

  • Constructive communication between all carers is an important key…
    and essential in building much more effective ongoing care – whether professional carers working in a formal hospital, clinic, school or office, or informal carers in a home situation working to support a troubled individual whose life is affected by any condition, disorder or illness which involves ‘challenging behaviour’.
  • When care is disjointed and fragmented, or constructive communication has fractured – whether between professional and family carers, or within a family struggling to cope…
    care for the vulnerable person at the centre of support efforts will inevitably be less effective than it might be.
  • Home carers can play a crucial role…
    in building and enhancing daily support, as well as motivation to change – or not.
  • Professional carers can play a crucial role…
    in coordinating 24-hour Best Care.
  • Healing is a matter of time, but sometimes it is also a matter of opportunity.(Hippocrates 460 – 400 BC)