How to use this site

The menu system
If you want to read articles about a particular area of interest, the menu system running from left to right across the header section of the site will serve you well.

There, you’ll find that as you hover over the menu headings, the menus themselves open up, giving you various articles to click on. Articles cover a wide range of subjects and types of story.

Advertisements offers clearly written articles and images with no advertising of products or companies.  Our Bookshop features links to relevant reading resources noted in articles on site.  We like to hear of other books you have found helpful in your caring efforts and which you would recommend to others.

If you cannot find an article on your topic of choice via the menu system or Latest articles list, you can use our search engine.

At the top-right of every page, you will see a box where you can type in keywords that you’d like to search for. By typing in a keyword(s) & clicking the Search button, our search engine will return a list of possible articles which included your chosen keyword(s).

By default, the search engine will return matching articles ordered by date (the newest articles being listed first). Having searched for an article, you can, however, use the Ordering drop-down-list to re-order your search results so that articles are listed by their popularity, for example.

Printing an article from the site
To print an article,  press Ctrl+P on your keyboard to bring-up the print dialogue box.

Members area
To get complete, open access to all articles & the interactive features of the site, you’ll need to login via the Login Form that appears in the footer section of the site.

Here, enter your username & password (as provided in your welcome email) before clicking the Login button to login.

Putting a tick in the Remember me box will keep you logged-in between browser sessions (otherwise you will be logged-out from the site when you close your web browser). Please avoid using the “Remember me” option when logging on from a public or shared computer.

Getting back to the home page
You can return to the home page from anywhere on the site by clicking the Working Together Care text in the header of the site.